Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The perilous thoughts of Christmas gifts

In my attempt to cool down my head this morning (due to the lame-ass DFA incident) i went around Greembelt to shop for gifts. I love shopping (well, window shopping mostly); it's one of the saner things i do when i am really pissed off. I get splurgy most of the time and given my state of mind it feels good to blow off some steam with material things.

Shopping for people is like a puzzle --- you gotta figure it out how things fit, and if they fit right. In this case, i like customizing my gifts to the receipient, which makes the whole process at times psychotic (self-afflicted pain, as some people call it). I have this theorem about gift-giving: The closer you are to the person, the harder it is to get them a gift . It's true, i find it easy to buy a gift for an acquaintance, but the people who are dear to me? Zilch idea on what to give him/her. In this case, my folks and my sweetie.

+ + +

My folks' case is a classic stand-off: they want something special, but not expensive or splurged on; something that says classic, yet contemporary enough to be in vogue; something they love, yet also something that is useful. With all these requirements, as well as their somewhat mysterious interests, i was left going around the malls looking for a gift that can at least fit two of the requirements. *sigh*

My mom's taste, be it bags, shoes or jewelry, tend to be on the higher-end side, so i am wary of what to give her. She is especially picky on these things because she can easily buy these herself, hence, any of these options is a no-no. So i am left with possible things she can use for either : her thesis, stuff for the house, or things for her work place. *sigh* I know i'll feel bad if i end up giving her something generic. As for my dad, well, truth be known, we are not that close but still, some paternal respect urges me not to give him the generic tie and cufflinks gift that most kids buy their dads. Hay naku!

Now my sweetie: he and i had this "no gifts for xmas" deal and he ends up surprising me with a gift before he left. *awww* i feel bad that i didn't give him something, and i really do want to give him something for Christmas so i am racking my brains really hard for the perfect gift for him. Thing is, it's hard enough to find a gift for a guy you love and really like; it's harder to find him something he doesn't have already. *sigh* I just hope whatever it is i get him he'll enjoy.


+ + +

Now, finding the perfect gift for others is a task that is somewhat complicated and can pose as quite a challenge. Finding gifts for yourself, however, is the opposite :-D So, so my indulgence (and a quick guide for those who may get me for secret santa in the xmas parties) here's my list of gimme's for the holidays:

- those really nice shoes from shoe salon
- John Lennon's acoustic album
- The Sundays album
- an Adidas red hooded jacket
- ipod casing for my mini ipod
- a laptop (haha, asa pako!)
- GCs from Rustan's U
- a digicam (preferably nikon coolpix SQ or 3700)

Hmmm... still thinking about the others...heheh... this is it for now...


starshuffler said...

Which The Sundays album? I have two of them. I can burn for you. (Haha... sorry, poor lang ako!) :-P

wanderlust junkie said...

asteeg! thank you in advance! kahit ano dun, but i prefer the 2nd album :-) see you sa xmas party! :-)

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